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Yom Hazikaron sharing Israelis stories - Shared screen with speaker view
Oren Persing
Hi all,If the name that appears for you is wrong, you can right click on your video and rename yourself.
Eden Borberg
if you have any questions to our panel - please write them here ! (you can also msg me privately)
Tomer Maron
Thank you for the stories! As people who know someone who is buried in a cemetery in Israel, how do you feel about the decision not to allow family members and friends to come the cemeteries on Memorial Day?And another - do you think there's an extra meaning in visiting the cemeteries on Memorial Day or is it like visiting it on any other day?
Yahal Porat
I think the togetherness of going to the cemetery, followed by sharing a meal and time to tell stories and allow the memory to live is important. It's the legacy we're left with more than the actual grave for me...
Oren Persing
Hi all,In this time of change and uncertainty, and since today's topic is particularly emotional, I want to share some of Hillel's support resources for students in case you or someone you know is in need: https://welcome.hillel.org/hillelathome/#lp-pom-block-574
Lisa Friedman
Hi! Thank you for sharing. My question is why are Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut back to back? Thank you!
Yosef Kazinik
correct me if I’m wrong, but Yom Haatzmaut is a celebration of the state that we have built. Yom Hazikaron represents the price we had to pay to build that state
Yosef Kazinik
that’s one of the connections exemplified in the two holidays being back to back
Amit - UCLA Hillel
Clarification for everyone: in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in Israel, the government in Israel decided on a full lockdown during memorial day and independence day, to prevent big groups from going to military cemeteries
Or Vichnizer
*to prevent big groups from gatherings.
Yahal Porat
A comment from Leeya (Hillel @ Stanford), a family member of a fallen soldier: My family's approach is "we remember every day" and I see this symbolic day for a nation but less for us. I think we need to take this day to gather, to share the story, to sit with our pain - with or without seeing his grave specifically
Anna Eyfer
Thank you for this information.
Eden Borberg
thank you for sharing !
Eden Borberg
please feel free to ask question !
Michelle Rojas-Tal
thank you all for sharing these important, emotional stories and beautiful memorials to life 🇮🇱🙏🏼
Andrea Steinberger
What a beautiful way to observe Yom HaZikaron. Thank you.
Shir Azaria
Thank you for open your heart and sharing !
Oren Persing
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Chloe Levian
Thank you all <3
oded wilson
Thank you our dear Israel fellows nirit, roni, gal, and shirly for sharing your stories! it was very touching and meaningful!
Kacie Bauer
Thank you to everyone for sharing these stories!
Ashley Nalven
Thank y’all so much for being so vulnerable and sharing your stories!
Leah Levy
Thank y’all for sharing and giving even more meaning to this day <3
Michelle Blumenberg
Yasher koach everyone. Thank you for sharing.
Deborah Brown
Toda Raba for sharing your stories!
Maya Vorobyov
Toda haverim.ot !
Tomer Maron
thanks all! very meaningful!
Jay Epstein
toda raba lechem! Echpat lanu mmash al hayom hazeh
Hirmand Sarafian
Thank you so much
Anna Eyfer
I know this can be very difficult to speak about but thank you. It's very important. I really appreciate all of you. There is so much hope in Israel. We will need to remember the warriors each and everyday and be grateful that Israel does exist